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In a world of flowers, you are a tree.

I fired at two stars that kept me from sleeping.
—Gaston Leroux (via themasqueradingheart)

OMG so I just meant to ask my mom if tomorrow at the doctor’s office I would have to get a pap smear (which I have never had before) and instead I accidentally blurted out, “Do I have to get my vagina swipped?” I then started to die of laughter because I pictured Swiper the Fox as my vagina.

Don’t Judge Someone Until You Know Their Whole Story


I made these pictures to show that everyone is struggling to fight some sort of demon that they hide from the rest of the world. So before you go judging someone for the way that they look or act, how the flinch often or are really shy, keep this in mind. Don’t judge someone until you know their full story.

To be honest I’m quite scared to give a blow job cause like what if I scrape the guy with my teeth or accidentally bite?!
—Fears from the Heart


Want! Seriously, if we ever get to build our dream house there needs be some piece of furniture or whatever to just bolt me into until I’m needed.

We as women are expected to be so much and hide our extravagant wings. I made this picture to represent all we are expected to be and all we should be.

Little Lost Girl’s ToyDirty Wishlist!

So I just moved, am completely broke, yet still get sorta horny cause, ya know, I just do. So I made a wishlist on toydirty.com! It belongs to the amazing daddyfuckedme! It would be crazy amazing if you bought me something from it! I would love you forever!

Here’s the link to my wishlist! » http://toydirty.com/w/LittleLostGirl

Hope to see something in the mailbox!

I’m an old soul in a new body.